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Evaluating comments for the above criteria is not a perfect science and a legitimate comment may sometimes be missed and filed into the category above. If you feel this is the case with your comment, please head over to the Contact Us page and request a review of your comment for approval.

For first time commentators, your comment will go into moderation. Once approved, it will be available for viewing. We may delete comments that are deemed offensive to either themselves or the readers of this blog, comments that add no value to a post, comments which might prove detrimental to the wellness and business survival of Deal Pooch and the Deal Pooch brand, and/or comments that link back to sales pages or anything which might be considered spam by the administrators of Deal Pooch. In some instances, the comment may be used, however the link back to the site may be stripped.

If you do not agree to this comment policy, please do not leave a comment.

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If you are not sure if it’s a body of work Deal Pooch owns or not, or if you would like to ask if you could use one of our bodies of work, then scroll down to the bottom of this page and use the Contact Us link to ask us.

Here are a few other exceptions and rules. The information below is in regards to bodies of work Deal Pooch owns the rights to.


You can use the images found on our website on your own website, however a link back to the site you borrowed the image from is required as well as text explaining to others where you copied this image from. To use an image from our site, you must download the image and host it on your own. You are not allowed to “share” our bandwidth. You must host the image if you want to use it.


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